Take Two of Favourite Photo

> I lost the original version of this photo of the beach huts and mansions along the promenade, so I went back to Brighton to take it again.

This was one of the shots I’d shortlisted for my London photography exhibition, which was actually a quick snapshot taken on a walk along the promenade, and it was something I’d given up on after discovering the original had been deleted accidentally. There was only an Instagram version, only printable up to 10x10cm, and with a pretty garish colour filter come to think of it.

But, living only about an hour away from Brighton, it dawned on me that I could simply go there and take it again!

The weather was similar to the day of the first photo when I got there, which was lucky. Even luckier, one of the beach huts had been painted with a striped pattern – and I like the new shot even more than the first one.