Queensthorpe Road, London

> After about 20 years of renting, there was a lot of pent-up interior design waiting to come out when I moved into my first home, and this is the result!

This loft in a South London conservation area had a lot of personality to begin with, due to the unusual open-plan split-level layout. The whole building was originally owned by a pair of architects, who developed the house into five flats, and this is the one they lived in before selling up.

The archway into the bedrooms was moved from the front hallway, and the mini spiral staircase was a second had find. They removed part of the roof to add a conservatory and sun terrace, and added a front door to the side of the building on the second floor, with an exterior staircase leading up to the self-contained flat.

The place was mostly dark brown wood and duck egg blue paint when the keys were handed over, and the kitchen and bathroom needed an update and a layout rethink. So the whole place was gutted (floors and all) and transformed into a brand new incarnation over about six months. My girlfriend and I worked on the project together, and this is what we came up with…