A Proper Pub Documentary

> The best pub in the world, probably. This is my short documentary about ‘a proper British pub and the people who drink there’, broadcast on Sky/Virgin/Freeview in 2013.

The Vaults explores a day in the life of a unique North East England pub called The Museum Vaults. Opened in 1871, its past remains relatively unknown due to very few historic records being discovered, yet its unaffected eminence is legendary among both locals and visitors. The film discovers the present day story of the pub, as told by the people who drink there: Ale aficionados, football fans, students, the punk crowd, the gay crowd, the young crowd, the bar staff, the old folk who’ve been there for decades, and their dogs.

The film was screened at the Portobello Film Festival (London), Star & Shadow Cinema (Newcastle), and at some other proper pubs during its World Tour of the North East.

See The Vaults Press Kit for info and reviews.

It’s not just a film about a pub, but one about friendship, social culture and community and it’s been soundtracked by some of the North East’s most loved musicians.
Claire Dupree
Editor, Kyeo.tv

The trailer (2min 20secs) and complete film (29mins) are below, followed by some stills from the footage.

I found the film implicitly political, in that it reflected a corner of society which is mostly disregarded; i.e people who belong to a strongly working class community, who are hugely supportive of one another, who gather together for mutual enjoyment and have a good time. It is in line with strong documentary work in that it portrays people as they are, in the tradition of film makers like Philip Trevelyan, and going back to the beginning, John Grierson. It doesn’t preach, it has no interest in hierarchies, and it is inclusive and funny. Lovely.
Peter Dillon
Screenwriter & Lecturer, Northumbria University

It’s a film full of humour and life observations. Be prepared for some real belly laughs.
Ian Monteith-Preston
Writer, CAMRA Angle

It’s a proper indie about a proper pub.
Ruth Holliday
Sky Tyne & Wear