Jessica Russell Flint Eco Sleepwear

> Having bought JRF’s sleep masks for my girlfriend every Christmas for the last few years, I finally got to meet the designer when she opened her shop in Shoreditch, London. She’s absolutely lovely, and she thought the same about my home!

We planned a shoot there, for her eco sleepwear high summer 2020 range, and these are the results. Different moods, lighting and locations bring out the amazing patterns of the silk. My girlfriend got involved with the styling too, and was beyond excited to have a sneaky preview of the upcoming collection.

Photography: Laurie Cansfield
Lighting: Suzi Corker
Make up: Elle Formosa
Styling: Jo Little
Models: Sofia Donni & Luise
Clothes: Jessica Russell Flint
JRF team: Natalie Wooley & Liat Bar