Meet Fluffy

> Not exactly a creative post, unless you count her bow tie collection as ‘styling’, but here’s my lovely Greek street cat – Fluffy.

We met on holiday in 2015 when she was just a few weeks old, and she lived near a bar in Skiathos with four other black cats. I went to the same bar every night after swimming in the sea, and the black cat family would find me and see if there was any food on offer. There were four short haired ones and a long haired one, and the long hair is the only one that would let me pick her up.

After getting back home I discovered a charity called the Skiathos Cats Welfare Association and joined their mailing list. They feed, neuter and re-home cats on the island, and put them up for adoption all around Europe. I started getting their regular adoption emails, and after a few months there was an email about a litter of five black cats that had been taken in, four short haired and one long haired, and they were up for adoption!

In the bar they had called her Batman, and the charity had named her Fluffy. It suits her, so I kept the name when signing up to adopt her. A couple of volunteer drivers picked her up from Amsterdam (they can’t fly directly to the UK – even with their cat passports!) and she arrived at my place in Bermondsey at about 3am one summer morning in 2016.

She wasn’t that stressed after her journey actually, and she had a good look around the flat and had some food and water. I went to bed and got up again a few hours later. I couldn’t see her in the living room at first, so I got on the floor to look under the sofas and table, and she sneaked up on me from the side and gave me a big head bump. I was over the moon. A very friendly, confident cat – and she’s loving her new life in London.