Some Colour In My Life

> This is the third incarnation of my beloved #foldie – which has a bit more sparkle than it’s predecessors.

I bought a Dahon Jack D7 2009 brand new when I lived in Barcelona, and it was one of the forerunners of the ‘completely matt black bike’ movement, along with the Cannondale Bad Boy. My flat at the time measured 30 square feet, so out of the two options I went for the folding bike.

It’s a bike that I’ve fallen in love with, and even though it’s not allowed on many a train (due to being a FULL SIZE foldie) we’ve been on a lot of extraordinary adventures together. After 10 years I decided to give it a well deserved refresh – taking it apart, spraying it grey and black for a subtle style change, and replacing all the components as a learning exercise.

My girlfriend’s response was something along the lines of “Oh, it’s still black.” That didn’t bother me (much) but it did inspire the idea to repaint my Dahon every year as a summer project. So, one year after the first rebuild, here’s the latest design!

P.S. The #foldie hashtag is one of my favourites, because it comes up with Scottish Fold cats as well as some great bikes.