Laurie Cansfield in Cape Town

My name is Laurie, and I love adventures. Discovering a new street in London and discovering a new island in the Indian Ocean are just as exciting as each other to me. The feeling of being somewhere I’ve never been before, seeing something I’ve never seen before, it’s vital.

From an early age, people in the UK are channeled towards finding a specialism. By the time we’re 16 or so, we’re expected to know what two or three subjects to study, and already have a career in mind. The funnel gets narrower and narrower before we’ve had a chance to try a few things out in the real world. I’ve had this specialist mentality for most of my life, trying to find the one creative thing that stuck. I did graphic design, then theatre photography, then screenwriting, filmmaking, websites, interiors, custom bikes, and even tried my hand at carpentry. Nothing jumped out as being ‘the one’ – I love them all!

A few months ago I made the decision to reverse the process, to open the funnel back up and go the other way – from specialising to expanding. My mentality shifted from trying to find the one creative outlet that I could answer with when people ask ‘So what do you do?’, towards the idea that it’s possible to do a lot of things well, and not necessarily to do them all to get paid.

Travel is a huge passion of mine, and I always take my camera. So over the last few months, in the spirit of un-specialising, I’ve been stepping up my game as a travel photographer, and the results can be seen on this website. Since then, some of the photos have been exhibited at Ignition Brewery in London, I have another solo show coming up in Sydenham Artists Trail, and I’ve been published in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine too.

National Geographic is my next target publication, and meanwhile I’m going to carry on with the writing, the interiors, the bikes and all the rest.

Enjoy the work!